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Thank you for setting up your new Faith Life Ministries email account. This account may be used in many ways. To access it, please visit

Your email account is a web mail account and can be viewed from any browser on any computer with Internet access.

You may also enjoy your Faith Life Ministries email account by setting up Microsoft Outlook or other mail client software to receive messages. For help in setting up your email account using Outlook Express, please see theinformation below:

Follow these steps to properly set up Outlook Express

1. In Outlook Express, click on ‘Tools’ and then select ‘Accounts.’

2. Double click on the Internet mail account that corresponds to your Faith Life Ministries email

3. If you are not sure if you have a mail account set up for Faith Life Ministries, then click
on ‘Add.’ Select Mail. Complete the necessary information adding your new church email address as the email address you would like to use. For your incoming (POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) servers, type in “”. Your account name should be your entire email address. Enter your password in the marked field as well. **NOTE: make sure you set the same password for both webmail and email** Skip to step #5.

4. Add your new church email address in the space marked ‘Email address’ and ‘Reply address.’

5. At this point, click on ‘Servers’ and add for both your incoming (POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) mail settings. Your account name is your email address. For example, if you were trying to set up, your account name would be “”. Enter your password in the marked field as well.

6. Make sure the box for ‘my server requires authentication’ is checked.

7. Click ‘Apply’ and close Outlook Express for new settings to be implemented.

Enjoy your new email account and look for new upgrades in the future!

All email accounts are provided by Faltih Life Ministries and Nexgen Business Solutions, Inc. and
may be suspended or revoked for any reason. Email accounts that are used for any of the following reasons or contain any of the
following will be shut down: offensive or rude material, profanity, pornography, demonic, sexual content, critical of Christianity and any other content deemed inappropriate by Christian principles.

Spamming and bulk email are strictly prohibited.

While the email servers typically run at optimum performance, “Faith Life Ministries” and Nexgen Business Solutions, Inc. does not guarantee any level of performance associated with the email servers, and will not be
held responsible for any liabilities associated with the use of the email account.

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