Dr. Kent McDaniel’s Interview – Dealing with Depression & Bipola


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Dr. Kent is originally from Cleveland Ohio. He lives in Richmond with his wife. He is the director of Henrico’s Mental Health Center. He is also the assistant professor of the School of Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. McDaniel became interested in Psychology while attending medical school. He realized that people’s problems were far beyond medical issues. While working with people, he became interested in the whole person; the physical, spiritual and psychological person.

While listening to this interview, you will learn the definition of depression and the different stages of depression. Depression can be mild or major. Once major depression comes, these are changes in the nervous system that people can’t just come out of on their own.

The effect of depression are staggering. Depression is the leading cause of disability in the United States and worldwide. Eighty percent of suicide is lead by people with depression. Without effective treatment, the illness can become fatal.

Dr. McDaniel explains how medication and counseling become very important. You will learn how to identify these signs of depression. You will also learn some of the symptoms of depression such as lack of sleep, loss of appetite and weight loss, lack of energy and lack of concentration. There are actually people who don’t know that they have depression. Than, there are those who are living in denial. While listening to this interview, you will truly be bless and learn your options.

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